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Your Questions Answered

What is SummerMobile's relationship with MTN?

Summer Mobile is an independent company to MTN, but acts as a dealer for MTN. Similar to a dealer store in a shopping mall, Summer Mobile offers you a service and helps you choose a contract and package that suits you. We are here to assist you.

How do I receive billing on accounts?

You will receive these directly from MTN.

Can I insure my handset?

If you require insurance for your handset, Summer Mobile will gladly facilitate this from as little as R32.50 per month.

What should I do if my phone is lost or stolen?

Report it to the police station and get a case number from them. Phone 083 1808 or 083 123 3667 or 173 from your handset to have your phone blacklisted and apply for a sim swop. Remember to get and keep your reference number for this. If insured, contact the insurance company and provide them with all the above details.

What happens if I want to cancel my contract?

If your contract period is already exceeded, just send your written cancellation letter to MTN. The letter must contain your account number, cellphone number and personal information. You will need to give 30 days notice. If your contract period is not yet exceeded, please take note that there will be penalty charges for cancelling. The full contract fee will still be applicable.

Can I get international calling and roaming?

Yes. Dial 083 123 3667 or 083 1808 for more information. They will provide you with the necessary documents to complete as well. It takes about 72 hours to complete this request.

If my handset breaks what should I do?

Take your handset to your nearest MTN service centre with proof of purchase (POD and subscriber agreement.)

Who should I phone if I have a problem with my contract?

MTN customer services: 083 1808 (808 if you dial from an MTN cellphone.)

How do I get an upgrade?

You will become eligible for an upgrade after 20 months of your contract. Summer Mobile will contact you to arrange this. Alternatively contact us at 021 402 0800 to see if you are eligible or if we can help further.